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We’re back!

After a long year of absence, we’re back with a bang and itching to get into the kitchen and share lots of amazing recipes with our lovely followers. This past year of travelling has been a wonderful culinary adventure, however, due to lack of a working oven, baking was off the cards. Hopefully we can make up for lost time with the many recipes we have planned.

To east ourselves back in, here is a quick and easy “put-together” (as there is no real baking involved, it can’t really be called a recipe).


Nutella, Banana and Olive Oil topped Pizza Bianca


pizza bianca(or plain focaccia bread if you can’t get your hands on the ‘real deal’)

Nutella or your chosen chocolate-hazelnut spread

ripe banana, sliced

good quality extra-virgin olive oil



– if your pizza bianca is not freshly baked, pop it in a hot oven for 5-10 minutes to warm through and crisp up a little


– spread with Nutella


– drizzle with a good glug of olive oil


– sprinkle over a little salt

– place over the sliced banana


– indulge!


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