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Mum’s Birthday Tea & Cake Party

Following the success of last years birthday party, mum decided to have another tea and cake party for her special day this year. This involved a 2 day baking marathon and several trips to the supermarket for forgotten ingredients! Last year I was on holiday at the time, but this year I was home for all my baking fun (and madness). Sponges risen, buttercream whipped, pastry case filled, chocolate tempered and battenberg wrapped; out emerged 10 (almost) perfect bakes from our icing sugar encrusted kitchen.

Feast your eyes – I hope you enjoy our creations.


Ginger and spice and everything nice, this sticky and spiced marmelade and pecan loaf cake packs a crunch.


Crispy on the outside and chewy in the centre, these mouthwatering peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies will keep you going back for more.


For those who love carrot cake this bake is for you. Apple chunks make this carrot and apple cake seriously moist. A generous spread of spiced cream cheese frosting finishes off this  rich and buttery bake.


Simple vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream look too good to eat in these pretty little teacup moulds.


The extra cupcake mixture looks just as cute topped with a bright and summery sunflower.


I had to keep these away from my brother – turn my back for one second and he would have devoured the lot! A family favourite: succulent raisin and cranberry flapjacks topped with creamy milk chocolate.


I cannot take credit for this bake as it comes from ‘Butter Baking’: a wonderful blog written by an aspiring pastry chef. The pastry is a little fiddly, but well worth the effort and the filling is wonderfully creamy and packs a fruity passionfruit punch.


Coffee and walnut sandwich cake: a classic that needs no introduction.


Last year mum made lemon drizzle, so this year we made a slight change and went for orange. The zesty drizzle seeps deep into the sponge leaving it oh so juicy and with a sugary crust.


Chocolate sponge flowerpots with a refreshing peppermint buttercream that balances out the rich chocolate perfectly. Pop them out of the mould and take a bite!


One of mum’s favourite cakes: the battenberg. Once you have mastered baking 4 perfect oblong sponges and wrapping them neatly with marzipan, this bake slices into a beautiful checkerboard slice. Ours still needs some practice, but its the taste that counts right? Yum!




For all recipes, head over to mum’s birthday bakes page:


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