Orange flour

White Chocolate, Apricot and Almond Cupcakes


Whenever I go home, I head straight to the kitchen and spend a good ten minutes stood swinging on cupboard doors and gazing at the array of ingredients within. Its much more exciting to conjure up a delicious treat from what you can find than to go out and buy specific ingredients for a recipe. On this particular occasion, I unearthed some dried apricots, white chocolate chips and flaked almonds – a match made in… well a small tin in my kitchen cupboard. I added a crumble topping for extra texture.

Cupcakes are the first thing I ever learned to bake and the recipe for the perfect sponge has ever since been engrained in my brain thanks to ‘baker extroadinaire’ – my mum. The beauty of cupcakes is that you can add anything to their batter and create a charming little treat.


cake mixture
6oz caster sugar
6oz butter (I usually use ‘Stork’)
3 eggs
6oz self-raising flour (or plain flour + 1tsp baking soda)
1tsp almond extract
dried apricots
white chocolate chips
flaked almonds (lightly toasted)
apricot jam

crumble topping
20g melted butter
20g brown granulated sugar
35g plain flour


(preheat the over to 180*c and prepare a cupcake tray with cupcake cases)

– for the crumble mix, roughly combine the butter, sugar and flour with a fork until it comes together to form a coarse mixture

– cream together the sugar and butter
– add the eggs one at a time and beat until mixture is smooth
– add the almond essence, apricots, flaked almonds and chocolate chips (add as much as you want according to your preference)
– with a metal spoon, gently fold in the flour
– spoon 2 big spoonfuls of the mixture into each paper case and dollop in a small tsp of jam before covering with a little mixture (keep the jam near to the top of the cake as it will sink when in the oven)
– sprinkle over some crumble mix

– bake the cupcakes for around 15 minutes until risen (to check if they are done, stick a clean toothpick through the centre


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